Monday, June 1, 2009



sum dapat tau dari azza

best gak join nie, mane la tau ada rezeki, just try...
jom reramai masuk competition nie,

tgk hadiahnyer

1st Prize:

WINNING DESIGN WILL BE PRINTED ON GIN & JACQIE TOTE CANVAS BAGS! (which will be sold across Malaysia and everyone will be carrying your design around!)

  • RM1,000 Estee Lauder products
  • RM500 Cziplee Artmakr product
  • RM500 gin & Jacqie voucher

2nd Prize:

  • RM500 Bobbi Brown products
  • RM300 Cziplee Artmakr product

3rd Prize:

  • RM500 Clinique products
  • RM200 Cziplee Artmakr product

25 Consolation prizes:

  • 2 TGV movie tickets

50 x Early Bird Gift

  • 50 pieces of LIMITED EDITION Inner Secrets camisole just for this contest!
minta2 adalah harapannyer yea..
g la nti kat sni

cuba nasib masing2 ek

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